The Magical World of Kinsea

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What if learning math could be fun and motivating?

Well, now it can be. Dr. Weiner has created a stunning fantasy card game based on the Tales of Kinsea series that allows players to have fun and learn at the same time. The math cards give players opportunities to explore math concepts, computation strategies and fluency.

Do you know in a typical day, your children take millions of sensory impressions into their minds? Some of them are key to creating a successful future, but some of the things are a never-ending cycle of useless activities like playing destructive video games. You get the picture.

But imagine if there was a way for your child to remember and recall a myriad of information that would help them master grade-appropriate material. Does it sound too good to be true?

Dr. Wayne Weiner is a lifelong educator and author that has designed age-appropriate educational material based on his fantasy series, The Tales of Kinsea. Your child will be drawn in by the characters from the novels in a series of game cards that build math skills. They will learn to be selective about what information is important and spend time sharpening their problem-solving skills. Over time, they will find it easier to quickly recall math concepts. And most importantly, the engaging cards will keep them on task as they look forward to each math challenge. So, cut down on your child’s mental clutter, and watch how their thoughts and ideas become clearer than you ever believed possible.

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