The Magical World of Kinsea

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Back on line

Posted on Sunday June 21, 2020

Can you see this?

Posted on Monday April 13, 2020

Can you see this

The Truth Revealed

Posted on Saturday June 01, 2019

From my Book, ” Laundered Souls”  Albert was boggled like a dog trying to decipher a magic trick he couldn’t move forward.  He was trapped encased in his realization that Norma was a traitor.  There was a  true failure to impose justice against the people that killed his colleagues now he knew why. There was … Continue reading The Truth Revealed


Posted on Saturday May 11, 2019

Dana gave Aaron a stricken thousand-yard stare, and he murmured softly,  “You aren’t going to kill me are you?” It was kind of like driving to work with his windshield frozen.”

Going Home

Posted on Tuesday April 09, 2019

Aaron felt like this mission had dragged him across concrete and he needed to gather his thoughts. The slippery eel that is life doesn’t really lend itself to designations of fairness and unfairness, and he was in no mood to share his feelings with Albert he would leave that to the mouthpieces at Masada 2 … Continue reading Going Home

A meeting

Posted on Monday April 08, 2019

Albert was confused and he sought Frank out to complain about his role on the mission. Each time Albert transgressed into self-doubt, Frank provides enough internal counterargument to muddy Albert’s negative interpretation of the upside down world of professional field agents. Albert’s voice warbled” Frank do you have a moment, I am dumbfounded, it’s amazing … Continue reading A meeting

Mopping up

Posted on Tuesday March 12, 2019

Hung smoothly leaned into Dana and she gave a captivating cackle, ” I heard you were the Iranian wannabe high priest of house parties, coke-addicts firework watchers, and pleasure hounds. You don’t look so powerful now.” In Iran you would be in a world of taboos Your pleasures and depravities would be seen as recklessness … Continue reading Mopping up

More from Laundered Souls

Posted on Monday March 11, 2019

The Game Ha-joon the North Korean National coach showed Frank he knew how to coach, but Frank noticed the tension between Ha-joon and his star player Chul-soon.  Chul-soon was dominant racking up 30 points in his team’s 120-107 win over the team from Viet Nam. His coach after the game shaking his head said to Frank,  “Did … Continue reading More from Laundered Souls

If You Want to Sit in This Chair Get Good At These Skills

Posted on Sunday February 10, 2019

 By Susan Hassen Everybody defines leadership differently but I really like the way John C Maxwell defines leadership, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Irrespective of how you define a leader, he or she can prove to be a difference maker between success and failure. A … Continue reading If You Want to Sit in This Chair Get Good At These Skills

Mozart’s Requiem (More of the Laundered Soul)

Posted on Sunday February 10, 2019

Dana was six feet four, walked into the room shivering slightly hunched on the balls of his feet, which clad in the clothes he was wearing when he was kidnapped; winter in North Korea didn’t suit him well. His capture was a lean young woman with an angular face, a pronounced underbite, and a rapid-fire … Continue reading Mozart’s Requiem (More of the Laundered Soul)