The Magical World of Kinsea

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Tales of Kinsea: The Board Game

Discover the unique new board game based on the popular Tales of Kinsea series. Watch the video to learn more. Then sign up to see how you can help bring part of the fantasy world of Kinsea into reality.

Dr. Weiner created a captivating world in his fantasy series, The Tales of Kinsea. The world of Kinsea is a magical place, full of colliding values and intrigue, balanced by wizards, witches, warriors, fairies, dragons, and beasts of no known description. Now, forces of good and evil have put into motion a cataclysm that only you can solve. Game technology alone is not enough. In this new and upcoming board game, you will join the adventure as you create your own tales!

The game uses lifelike colorful characters and comes with a portable game bag, which can be worn, to hold all the game pieces. It includes a vibrant colored cloth, game board and numerous game cards to add to a player’s enjoyment. There is enough fun and strategy involved to please people from eight to eighty. Plus, you will use creativity and lateral thinking that can be applied in real life.

So how do you get involved in this project? It's easy ... subscribe below! Fulfill your own personal dreams, and like Disney, be remembered as a creative pioneer.

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